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The on-screen tips have been incredibly beneficial for me in staying on topic and addressing all the key points of my thoughts. Wois makes sharing feel more natural and effortless.
Chris Ye
Co-founder of Web3 Galaxy
Just by talking about startup culture and entrepreneurship on Wois, I found an investor for my startup.
Tonia Samsonova
Founder of
Wois has revolutionized my creative workflow, saved me time and increased the quality of integration and logical line of my content.
Joåo Fouad
Founder & CEO of Highline Venture Builder
As I lose family to old age, I’m forced to think of the legacy we leave behind. I use Wois to build my own storied legacy and wish those who departed had done the same.
Cory Warfield
LinkedIn Top Voice - 496k followers
Wois seamlessly generates English content from a recording in my mother tongue (the language I love). For me, it means the world.”
María Garces
Chief Operating Office at Go4us app

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