Overcome public speaking anxiety

Practice, improve, and grow in confidence when you speak

Around 75% of the human population has a fear of public speaking. Here’s how Wois can help solve this issue:


Our impression analysis will give you insight into how you can improve your speaking skills over time. Practice makes perfect!


We created questions tailored to your needs and interests so you can start recording and practicing in either Private or Public mode


Explore videos created by other users on your “Discover” page

  • Explore videos created by other users on your “Discover” page
  • Reply to the ones that resonate with you when you’re ready (we believe in you!)

How it works

Visit your Studio

This is where you can produce any form of content

Choose a question tailored for you

From hundreds spanning various categories

Prepare notes for your recording

Click the red button

Go to “Add notes” on the top left corner of your screen and paste your notes

Adjust the speed and font size to your liking then hit done

Record in your preferred language

Make it Public or Private

Stay consistent

Get an in-depth analysis of your tone of voice, speaking patterns, and facial expressions to enhance your speaking skills over time

Get the Wois app

Scan the QR code

Download from app stores

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